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Decisions regarding what will happen if you become ill or disabled, and how to best protect both your loved ones and your assets upon your death are sometimes difficult to face, but crucially important. Knowing that you have put together an estate plan that will best accomplish your most important objectives can give you enormous peace of mind. And so can the knowledge that your beneficiaries and executors will have a compassionate and patient professional to protect and guide them through this often overwhelming and complex process if something does happen to you. Learn more about our full range of Estate Planning services.

Learn more about our Probate and Estate Administration services.

No one wants to think about the possibility of a break up or divorce when they are in love. But having a clear mutual understanding of what to expect from each other provides the best possible foundation for a marriage or life partnership. Working through the steps to putting your understandings in writing is a healthy and enlightening exercise that can actually strengthen your bond.

And, in the event things don’t work out between you, you will arrive a a fairer and less costly resolution if you   have drawn up a legally binding document that reflects your mutual, self-generated agreements at a time when you were not angry or hurt.. We can help to tactfully broach the difficult questions, discuss them in a loving manner and help you to develop an agreement that is fair to both parties, “just in case”.

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